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About Code360

We are CODE360o, based in London, UK. Our creative & technical team is based in the sunny shores of Colombo, Sri Lanka, making a cost effective solution a reality!  

We are all British graduates and highly professional yet a friendly entity that's ready to grasp what you need and deliver a "wow" factor for your satisfaction.

We have created packages and focused ourselves more on delivering flexible, cost effective solutions that deliver real value and returns for our clients. In an era that keeping all costs in a low scale plays a vital part in decision making, we are THE SOLUTION providing a reliable service to any client that approaches us.

Our monthly support package, one of our unique services, delivers our client a stress free solution for an amount of just 25 a month. Whether you are one of our existing clients our not we are happy to provide this service and take your stress away.

We have our in-house CMS (Content Management System) and also Word Press packages which gives you maximum convenience in maintaining your web site.

 By bringing together highly skilled designers with proven technology, we help our clients make measurable improvements to their business in the areas of Web Design, SEO, Software Applications and 3D animation.

Among some of our proud accomplishments are the web sites we did for the Sri Lankan Air Force & the ministry of development of Sri Lanka, which gave us immense confident in delivering better service.